Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How People Got Here #120208

More interesting searches which got people to this site.

- "ginormous cheeseburger.jpg" which is all the more interesting because it was a search from Germany.

- More than usual searches for the Motivational Saint Francis poster I found, and the Motivational Judas poster I made.

- A lot of people have been searching for Saint Christopher lately, but I'm not sure why.

- "very very very cool stuff for the romans" Sorry, I only know the very, very cool stuff, not the very, very, very cool stuff.

- "coolest alarm clock"

- "retreat with the carthusians" Your best bet is to go buy the DVD "Into Great Silence" because the Carthusians do not give retreats. The only retreat is if you are considering a vocation in which you usually have to spend a month with them.

- "Streetmentioner's Time Traveller's Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations" LOL. Don't forget your towel too.

- "meaning of handkerchif as a gift" this one just baffles me. I think it's related to a meme that asked what is in my pockets, but usually if someone offers you a handkerchif as a gift it means you have a booger on your nose.

- "no Gloria during Advent" - nope, no Gloria. One of the signs which I believe shows that Advent is more penitential than the ordinary time of the liturgical year.

- "relics of St Scholastica" ... glad you asked

Relic (forearm bone) of Saint Scholastica


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