Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Religious persecution and the rise of communism

Although there is a lot in the gloom and doom crowd who are fearing the complete supression of religion under Obama, I think we have to realize that we here in the United States are VERY blessed with religious freedom to the degree in which we have it. But in spite of what happens, I think all Catholics and other Christians need to ask ourselves: if religious persecution does happen, are we willing to stand up and sacrifice ourselves for the Truth? I think many of us fear increases in religious persecution because it might mean we would have to do something and put ourselves in the way of danger and stand up for our beliefs and convitions ... and really look at ourselves and see if we really believe our beliefs and are convicted about our convictions.

It reminds me of a friend of mine who was born in Cuba and was a small boy when the communist revolution there happened. He said that Catholics who had been going to daily Mass for years were suddenly persecuting the Church and handing over priests to be arrested. He ended up fleeing Cuba with his mother. I can tell you, the popularity of the Che Guevara icon and the pro-Cuba leanings of many in the entertainment industry drives him nuts.

Fr. Tim Finigan at The Hermeneutic of Continuity posted this video from the Don Camillo series in Italy, which should be a reminder that religious persecution has been pretty recent.

And communism is still a player in Italian politics. I took this photo in October of 2008 just outside of Norcia, Italy:

And, sadly, the Democratic party has been sliding down the path to socialism and communism as well, esepecially under Barak Obama. It's a slippery slope, and once a country falls under it's spell, it is hard to let it go. As momentous as the fall of communism was in the Soviet Union, there is a growing number of people in Russia who want communism back. People had become so dependant on the government, that they are willing to throw away liberties to have programs spoon fed to them by the government again.

Hopefully, our country can wake up from its morbid fascination with socialism and move back to freedom and responsibility.


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