Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Saints Galore

No, it's not just the name of my friends Catholic gretting card and calendar company. It's also a description of my last 30 hours.

I did manage to get into Saint Peters, so I was able to visit almost every Saint I wanted to (I only missed Saint Petronella), and I didn't get down into the crypt.

Today, I was all over the place. I think so far my total of Saints over the last 30 hours is around 40. However, I really did try to make my visits as reverent and recollected as possible. As Saint Benedict says, you don't have to sit and multiply your words in your prayers like the pagans do. The only Saint I haven't been able to see so far is Saint Agnes because the relic chapel is under repair, so it was totally closed off.

I'll try to get the list of Saints up when I get home.

Ciao for now.


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