Saturday, October 11, 2008

Habemus Sacerdotem


Pater Maria Benedictus Nivakoff, O.S.B.
monachus Monasterii Sancti Benedicti, Nursiae

sacerdos in aeternum

die 11 Octobris 2008

orate pro eo

-Holy card for the Ordination of Father Benedict


Father Mary Benedict Nivakoff, O.S.B.
monk of the Monastery of Saint Benedict, Norcia

a priest forever

on the 11th of October 2008

pray for him

The Church now has a new priest. Let us rejoice and be glad!

The Mass was one of great joy as the Archbishop of Spoleto-Noricia, His Excellency Ricardo Fontana, ordained the now Father Benedict to the priesthood.

I regret that I do not have any personal pictures, but that was because I was able to help serve in the Mass. However, the experience was great. There were many priests and seminarians who had come for the ordination. I met several young men from the North American College, one of whom is a seminarian from my own diocese! And all of whom are solid guys. I must say it was really amazing over the past 24 hours as priests, seminarians, and young men and women who were friends of Father Benedict came to Norcia, and in all the liturgies where we used Latin we were all united in prayer and worship even though there were people from several different countries and languages.

It has been a rather amazing experience, and it has been impressive in how many people have been in contact not only with the monastery but with Father Benedict in his studies. There were people from the United States, people who studied in Rome with him at Santa Croce, and students from the theological institute in Gamming, Austria (I probably didn't spell that right), as well as other friends and family.

It's also been great to help out the monks and get to know the newer members of the community.

Well, I need to get ready for Compline, and then help out Brother Sacristan in setting up for Masses tomorrow. The main Mass will be Father Benedict's thanksgiving Mass.

So, please say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for providing another laborer for the harvest ... one who is solid in the Faith and zealous for liturgy.

Deo gratias!


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Anonymous said...

Axios! Axios Axios!, i was thrilled also to receive this invitation in the mail, but6 alas the other side of the Ocean was not possible a trip!
he will be a wonderful- and joyful, monk-priest!