Monday, October 27, 2008

Pilgrimage List

OK, so here's my list of Saints and Relics I visited. This was actually harder to compile than I thought because there were a few I wasn't really sure about. Overall, I have to go with the information which seems to be consistant and also with what was on the reliquary or tomb itself. I do have photograpic evidence of most of these. I couldn't take photos of some of the tombs or altars in Saint Peters because the area they were in was either reserved for prayer or confiessions. But, hopefully in the future I can get up some pictures too.

So here goes:

These are ones that I can confirm:

Saints Tombs and Major Relics

Saint Eutizio
Saint Spes
Saint Paul the Apostle
Saint Peter the Apostle
Saint Matthias the Apostle
Pope Saint Pius V
Saint Jerome
Saint Stephen the Deacon
Saint Lawrence the Deacon
Blessed Pope Pius IX
Pope Saint Pius X
Saint John Chrysostom
Pope Saint Gregory the Great
Pope Saint Leo IX
Saint Jude Thaddeus the Apostle
Saint Simon the Apostle
Pope Saint Boniface IV
Pope Saint Leo the Great
Pope Saint Leo II
Pope Saint Leo III
Pope Saint Leo IV
Saint Processus (a Martyr)
Saint Martinian (a Martyr)
Saint Josaphat
Blessed Pope John XXIII
Saint Greogry of Nazianzen
Blessed Innocent XI
Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Saint Francis Xaiver (his right arm)
San Giuseppe Pignatelli
Saint Philip Neri
Saint Papius (a Martyr)
Saint Maurus (a Martyr)
Pope Saint Damasus I
Saint Eutychius (a Marytr)
Saint Joseph Calasanz
Saint Benedict (a young Martyr)
Saint Monica
Saint Felix (a Martyr)
Saint Camillus de Lellis
Saint Robert Bellarmine
Saint John Berchmans
Saint Aloysius Gonzaga
Saint James the Lesser the Apostle
Saint Philip the Apostle
Saint Catherine of Siena
Blessed Fra Angelico
Saint Vittoria (a Martyr)
Saint Valentine (his skull)
Saint John of Triora (Franciscan Martyr)
Fra Juniper (confrere of Saint Francis of Assisi)
Pope Saint Clement I
Saint Ignatius of Antioch
Saint Cyril
Saint Servulus
Saint Praxedes
Saint Prudentia
Remains of Martyrs transferred from the catacombes to Saint Praxedes
Saint Alexander (a Martyr)
Saint Sabina
Saint Seraphia
Saint Alexander (a Martyr)
Saint Eventius (a Martyr)
Saint Theodulus (a Martyr)
Pope Saint Pontian
Pope Saint Anterus
Pope Saint Fabian
Pope Saint Lucius I
Pope Saint Eutychian
Pope Saint Stephen I
Pope Saint Sixtus II
Pope Saint Dionysius
Pope Saint Felix
Saint Bartholomew the Apostle
Saint Adalbert of Prague
Saint --erantius (first letters on reliquary are blocked in my photo)
Saint Marcello
Pope Saint Callistus
Pope Saint Cornelius
Pope Saint Julius I
Saint Firmus (a Martyr)
Saint Leontia (a Martyr)
San Carlo da Sezze
Saint Cecilia
Saint John (from the Roman Canon)
Saint Paul (from the Roman Canon)
Saint Paul of the Cross
Saint Saturninus
The Martyrs of Scillitan (12 Martyrs)


Holy House of Loreto
Part of the hairshirt of Pope Saint Peter Celestine V
Tooth of Saint Benedict
Bone of Saint Scholastica
Part of the Table of the Last Supper
Saint Helena
Nail from the Crucifixion
Thorns from the Crown of Thorns
Part of the True Cross
Cross beam of Saint Dismas
Part of the INRI sign
Finger of Saint Thomas the Apostle
Stone Saint Francis of Assisi used as a "pillow"


Pope Leo XIII
Pope Innocent III
Pope Pius II
Pope Pius III
Pope Leo X
Pope Clement VII
Pope Benedict XIII
Pope Urban VII
Pope Paul IV
Pope Innocent II

These I am having trouble with verifying.

Uncertain Tombs
Saint Eutropius (a Martyr)
Saint Dionysius (a Martyr)
Saint Sabinus
Saint Clemens

Uncertain Relics
Saint Erasmus
40 Martyrs, Saint Alexis, Saint Mary of Egypt

Final count of Saints, Blesseds, and major relics (including Fra Juniper) is about 98 ... 8 of whom are Apostles.
Final count of uncanonized Popes is about 10.
And other relics.
I did pray at the ones I was uncertain about too.

And in other places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.



ignorant redneck said...

We are blessed that my parish houses the reliquaries of Ss Magnus the Centurian and Bonosa, who were mertyred under Septimus Servus.

Those are the only full skeletal relics of martyrs I have ever seen, and it amzes me that they are in Kentucky

Roman Sacristan said...

Ah, then you'll love my pictures of Saint Valentine, whose skull is at Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome.