Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Happy Transitus of Saint Francis

Today, October 3rd, is the celebration of the Transitus of Saint Francis. It may seem odd that we celebrate his feast day on October 4th, but this is because Saint Francis died after sundown on October 3rd, which in medieval times was the beginning of the next day. (The same logic applies to how we have vigils for Solemnities and Sundays)

Here's some pictures from my recent trip to Assisi a few weeks ago.

(As always, you can click on the pictures to get a better view)

Saint Francis died in the valley below Assisi, just outside the little chapel of Santa Maria degli Angeli (Our Lady of the Angels). Actually, now, there is a huge basilica built around the chapel.

This picture couldn't have been planned, right when I got off the bus and was taking this picture, a Franciscan Friar was walking in the perfect place.

The original chapel of Santa Maria degli Angeli is inside the basilica under the dome.

Even the inside of the chapel has a rugged beauty to it.

Saint Francis himself said "Our Lady and the Angels frequent this place." Hence the message on the floor at the entrance of the little chapel.


Just behind the chapel and to the right is the little infirmary area where Saint Francis actually died. There is now a chapel inside the infirmary at the place where Saint Francis died.

"Qui mori S. Francesco 3 Ottobre 1226"
("Here Saint Francis died October 3rd, 1226")

On the outside of the infirmary is a beautiful painting of the death of Saint Francis called "The Transitus" by Domenico Bruschi.

I know the post is almost exactly the same as last year's, but I wanted to share some of the pictures I just took over there. I think they came out rather well given the lack of lighting. So, hope you enjoy them.

Sancte Francisce, ora pro nobis.


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