Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'm back from the procedure.

Just a quick update. I am back from the procedure. The gastrointerologist found three areas in my colon that contain diverticula. In fact, last night, one of those areas flared up a bit. At least it gave him a definite place to look at when I told him about it this morning.

I am starting to see why they say to eat plenty of fiber and to avoid high amounts of saturated fats and sugars. Of course this is usually only learned the hard way, right?

Anyway, I think there may be some things they can do to fix the problem areas, I just hope it isn't anything drastic (I'm rather attached to my organs!) So, please keep that in your ever growing list of things to pray for the Roman Sacristan. (At least I am giving people a chance to do some spiritual works of mercy, right?)

I think the immediate worse part is that I am super hungry (having had to be "cleaned out" for the procedure) but with this flare-up, I have to be careful not to eat anything that could aggravate the sore area. (I think there is a line in the Rule of Saint Benedict that says a monk is "to love fasting.")


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