Thursday, October 18, 2007

Confirmations went well.

Confirmations went well. The bishop seems like a good man, although I really only got a brief chance to be introduced to him. (At least he didn't freak out when I kissed his ring, and he didn't get annoyed I called him "your excellency," so those are good signs.) I didn't really get to talk with him at any length because I was trying to take care of last minute altar boy organization. (I apologize to any altar boys who didn't get to serve, but Father wanted to keep the servers to a minimum so we could focus on the bishop.)

Overall things went pretty smoothly. I do regret that I was not able to get plans solidified earlier so that getting the deacon and servers prepared wasn't a last minute thing. Still, they all did a good job and any mistakes were not very noticable. Being a Master of Ceremonies is a challenge, especially when you have deacons and priests and bishops (oh my!). Still, just a bit more training and I think things would have been done with exsquisite precision and impressive ceremony (well, to try and impress God I mean).

But it went well, we got the candidates Confirmed and had Mass. Thank you for all your prayers. They certainly helped on that front. Now to try and take care of the bigger situations I am facing.



Raulito said...

Indeed, it was a good evening! You did extremely well.

Kepha said...

Way to go, Roman Sacristan!