Friday, October 12, 2007

Power of Intercessory Prayer


I would just like to say a thanks to all the readers who have included me in their prayers. I know that some of the difficulties I have had to face lately have been made more possible to deal with through your help.

I continue to ask for prayers as another big situation has popped up in my life. It's something I don't feel very prepared to deal with, so I am going to need quite a bit of Divine help.

So, thanks again for your prayers and please keep them up. When I pray for all my family and friends, I include my readers as well in that.



Anonymous said...

No problem...miss those translations for Sundays etc...

james aka jakub

Anonymous said...

we're praying!

The Davenports

Roman Sacristan said...

james aka jakub,
Yes, I have been bad about updating those. Like I said, things have been crazy. But you are right, I do need to try and get those up on Fridays. Bear with me [pun intended].