Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The other night a friend of mine (about a generation ahead of me) approached me after Mass, and we started talking about Halloween. We were noting how both of us grew up with the usual Halloween things and yet are Catholics today. While I certainly understand wanting to protect children from some of the absolutely crazy things in this world, I do sometimes find some rather extreme opinions on less serious things even among Catholics. For example, say "Harry Potter" and some will say you are one step away from practicing witchcraft.

I will admit that sometimes people can go a bit too far for Halloween in terms of decorating their house or dressing their daughters up like ..., anyway ...

I was told of a good post on the topic of Halloween among Catholics by Ma Beck. I found it rather balanced, and it does give an interesting perspective to celebrating Halloween. Ceremonial bow to Father Erik at Orthometer for pointing out the article.

Obligatory Hallowe'en Post

I prefer a good All Saint's party myself. I've seen some pretty good Saint costumes in previous years. Still, Ma Beck's post makes sense.

Roman Sacristan's cameo in the movie "Scream"
(which ended up being a deleted scene)

Whatever you do, don't answer the phone!




Ma Beck said...

Thanks for the link!

For the record, we ARE having an awesome party on 11/2 following the Mozart Requiem Mass which involves Austrian food, Saints Trivia where you can win fabulous prizes like a Pope Innocent III action figure, and "Match the Quote with the Saint" and "Match the Dante's Inferno punishment with the Sin."
This will wrap up our All Saints' triduum quite nicely, I think.
(Why yes, our peers DO think we are an odd lot - why do you ask?)

Anonymous said...

Ah well..we don't celebrate any form of halloween...never have done never will...but will be attending wonderful Masses for the 2 great Feasts...

Roman Sacristan said...

Oooh, I won a Pope Innocent III action figure in a blog contest. They are cool.
See my post on liturgical whimsy for that one.