Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Feast of Saint Benedict

Statue of Saint Benedict in the piazza in Norcia

Not only is it the Feast of Saint Benedict, but it is also Il Papa's namesday.

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI

Most people know that Saint Benedict is the Father of Western Monasticism. It's Saint Benedict's Rule that has inspired me to seek a vocation in Benedictine monasticsm.

There isn't much in terms of information about Saint Benedict's life except his Rule and Saint Gregory the Great's biography of Saint Benedict contained in the Dialogues. So, I thought I would provide some links for you:

The Rule of Saint Benedict

The Life of Saint Benedict
(Book II of the Diologues of Saitn Gregory the Great)

Early influences on Saint Benedict
(Saint Eutizio, Saint Fiorenzo, and Saint Spes)

Happy reading!


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