Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Organic Liturgy

Fr. Z. had a piece from The Curmudgeon who made a great comparison of the last 40 years to the major New Coke bungle that Coca-Cola made back in the 80's.

Which inspired me to make this, which I am surprised nobody else has done, that I know of (this took me way to long to do).

Organic things are totally in now. See, the Church is just keeping up with modern times!

Tired of all those artificial things that have been added to your liturgies? Worried that your spiritual health may be affected by the addition of inappropriate things? Sick of unnatural things spoiling the taste of liturgy?

From Benedictine Farms comes an old time favorite: Organic Mass.
We've gone back to old, tried-and-true techniques to bring you an all supernatural litugy.

-Nothing artificial
-Organically developed
-All supernatural
-Tastes great, like Mass should
-Nourishes both body and soul

Now becoming more widely available!

(Please bear with my horrid photoshop skills. :P
... no pun intended ... get it? ... bear ...)



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semperficatholic said...

that was great. there is nothing at all wrong with your photoshop skills.