Monday, July 30, 2007

Of Blenders and Shredders

For some reason the Blendtech videos have been pretty popular on youtube. I admit that the blenders are pretty amazing in their power to blend things up. I keep wondering what the heck people are eating or drinking that they would need a blender that can liquify golf balls or cell phones! Impressive, yet I was disappoined when they didn't do the crobar. The only really cool one was the lightsticks IMHO:

(you homeschool friends don't try these things at home:

I was more impressed with the SSI corporation's machines. They can tear up engine blocks:

and even a VW bug:

Wouldn't that be a cool job. "Yeah, I test industrial shredders by coming up with things to tear up inside them.

Thanks to Fr. Erik Richsteig at the Orthometer for the Hippie link.


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