Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rome Reborn

In one sense the title of this project doesn't really work, since Rome is the "Eternal City."

However, SemperFiCatholic, pointed out the project to me. Looks pretty cool. Hopefully they can put it online. It seems like with some time, you could make a virutal Rome that could work in some type of 3D game engine. That would be an easy way to fund the project. Make a 3D engine and allow people to be able to "walk around in it" virtually.

Of course, if you don't want that and want to build your own Rome, there's always the games Caesar IV (Caesar III was pretty fun, haven't played IV though), CivCity: Rome, and Glory of the Roman Empire. Rome: Total War looks impressive too.

It looks like they want to make other "versions" of Rome to show how the city developed by making models of the various periods of Rome's history.

You can find the project here:

Rome Reborn 1.0


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