Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Photo and Internet Technology

Wow, this is so geeky and so cool. It's pretty interesting what computer processing has become. It's kind of strange that we have used computers to create fantasy worlds or different environments in which we can change reality. Now we are coming full circle and using computers to make an exact copy of the real world. All at your fingertips on your computer.

I've never played with google streets, but it seems a bit like what they are doing, although with much more detail.

This Photosynth thing looks pretty cool.

I was just thinking you could also "recreate" historical environments. For instance, you could take pre 2001 photos of New York City and put together a virtual environment of the World Trade Centers.

Although I also thought of one problem with this type of thing. Can we say "security issues?" All it would take is a few pictures of things that are not public to get onto the web and ...

Still, it looks like it could be a lot of fun to play with.

Hmm, I wonder if you could use it to see what churches used to look like before they were "wreckovated" so they could be restored to their original glory. Technology can have uses. LOL.


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