Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Invasion of the Caterpillars!

I've lived in this area since 1991. Usually by the beginning of May it is very dry, all plant life is brown or faded green, and it doesn't rain except for a rare afternoon heating cloudbursts.

However, this year has been really odd. It is already the last week of June and we have only had a few days I would consider "hot." It has also rained ... and rained, and rained, and rained. All the lakes are practically full, and everything is a nice lush green.
(Global warming my furry ---)
Anyway, I guess this has also made conditions ripe for the infestation tree eating caterpillars.

This is getting freaky. I feel like I am in the opening part of a bad 50's horror movie.

A couple of weeks I noticed a tree outside of my apartment had what looked like some webs on it. Eventually the tree was covered in these.

(You can click on any picture to enlarge)

Upon closer inspection inside the webs were a lot of caterpillars eating the leaves. For awhile, I only saw them on the leaves in the trees. However, lately, I've been seeing more and more caterpillars on the ground. At first it was just one or two I woudl see as I went to my car, but lately, they are everywhere on the ground under the covered parking. There are at least 10 in the picture below.

They're not just on the ground now, they are everywhere. They are all over my windows.

They are already all over my door too! Everytime I open my door, I have to flick a few off the door frame or door. I think they made a bridge from that tree which you can see on the left side of the picture. ARE THEY AFTER ME?! :o

I hope they are not poisonous or ... grizzlyniverous!

But looking at my door ... what's this?! :0
A security breach!

And right near the door ... ONE HAS GOTTEN IN!




I hope they don't turn from caterpillars into cats, or I might be up a tree.

So if you hear of a sacristan in Texas being eaten alive by caterpillars, you'll know it was me, and you'd better call the president to send in the military.



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semperficatholic said...

You are not alone in this freaky webworm invasion. It is reported that in another state that they are so bad cars are actually sliding on them.

Yesterday a neighbor was spraying a tree and the worms were falling to the ground as though someone was pouring them from a bucket. I have to clean off my front door area several times a day. Last night one was on my little one's neck and she freaked out.

I was told that these worms don't last long after they escape their webs. I noticed that the webs are turning brown now so hopefully the little leaf munchers will meet their end soon. The worms aren't harmful to humans, just to plants. They are also known as pecan worms.