Monday, October 09, 2006

Commemoration of Abraham

"The Meeting of Abraham and Melchizadek" by Peter Paul Rubens

According to the Roman Martyrology, today, October 9th, is also the Commemoration of Saint Abraham, the father and patriarch of all the faithful.

Give thanks to God for giving us a man so full of faith. We have a hard time having faith in God, and we have the foundation of the Old Testament and over 2000 years of the Church. Think of how great an act of faith it took Abraham to trust in a God his fathers did not know, to leave his fatherland, and then even to be willing to sacrifice his only son. Thus he is honored with being our "father in faith" as remember in the Roman Canon, and is also honored in prefiguring the willingness of God the Father to sacrifice His only-begotten Son.

Sancte Abraham, ora pro nobis!

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