Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Following up on the theme of media and how it can either present or distort the thruth:

I originally thought this was actually from the TV show 60 Minutes. I can't verify that, it seems to be more of an independant documentary criticizing the way the media shows Palistine, which often just takes Palistinian media footage and assumes what they think they are seeing is exactly what is happening. The analysis in this film seems to be rather reasonable. The "dead" body getting back upon the funeral beir is amusing. So, what do you think? Certainly there are problems in the Middle East, but is "Pallywood" giving us a false perception of who is instigating the conflicts? More recently Hezbolla in Lebanon was being accused of the same thing. This is certainly worth viewing:

Sometimes it's all how you present something. Isn't that what marketing is anyway?
Take this "trailer" for "The Shining" for example (contains no gore or scaryness):

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