Monday, October 23, 2006

My first internet meme tag.

I have just been "tagged" by The Lapped Catholic with the "5 Little-Known Things About Me" meme.

1) Although I am a cradle-Catholic, back in kindergarten, I was once in a commercial for a Baptist Church.
(I went to pre-school at this Baptist church's day-care. They just had all the kindergarteners walking in a line in front of the camera)

2) I was in Marine Junior R.O.T.C. and Civil Air Patrol for half a year in High School until we moved to another state.

3) I've won an Olympic race. (During our "Rome semester" in college, we took a trip to Greece and I won a footrace we had at the original stadium in Olympia.)

4) I've been to Space Camp ... twice.

5) I once met then Cardinal Ratzinger on the street just outside the Vatican. Got to talk with him a few minutes and was able to kiss his ring and receive his blessing. (Thanks to Fr. Clement, O.S.B. for being the one the Cardinal recognized)

I'm sure friends and family have many more to add.


Ronny said...

I forgot about you winning that race. Thank goodness you did not do what the ancient Olympians did by racing in the buff [shudder].

Your post has also brought back memories of that crummy hotel room we had in Olympia [another shudder].

Roman Sacristan said...

Yes, I remember there were others in our group who did not use the hotel rooms. After too much ouzo they just settled for someone's front lawn.
I remember the food in Olympia wasn't stellar either. I beat Kimber in the gross out contest by picking up a cube of beef off my plate with a HUGE vein in it.

Anonymous said...

I forgot about the people who slept outdoors as well. They were idiots for getting smashed, but they probably had comparable lodging to our own. It's only virtue is that it was not a freakin' cold as the place we stayed in Delphi.

That food was just wrong. Pasta that tasted like it had copious amounts of cinnamon on it, as I recall, and everything tasted of feta cheese or goat meat (same difference, really). Blech.

semperficatholic said...

I beat Kimber in the gross out contest by picking up a cube of beef off my plate with a HUGE vein in it.

I could have gone all day without hearing about that one! I may never eat beef again!

Anonymous said...

What is a meme?

Roman Sacristan said...

@Semperfi, just don't eat beef in Greece. LOL.

@2nd anonymous, my geeky answer comes from the wiktionary:
"Any unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. Examples might include thoughts, ideas, theories, practices, habits, songs, dances and moods and terms such as race, culture, ethnicity etc."

semperficatholic said...

Semperfi, just don't eat beef in Greece. LOL.

Or greasy beef! :)

Truthseeker said...

Since you asked...
When Roman Sacristan was a baby, he was addicted to his thumb. Tiredness, illness, stress would cause him to plug it in his mouth, and then everything was fine. As he got to elementary school age, we tried everything to wean him of it, even resorting to pepper extract liberally applied to the offending digit. Nothing worked. When he was in first grade at Catholic school, all the children had to pick a sacrifice for Lent. He chose to abstain from -- and eventually give up his thumb-sucking habit. It worked. Faith did what pepper extract couldn't. I should have been aware then that we had a future Roman Sacristan/priest/religious in our midst.

Love, Mom

semperficatholic said...

Wow, Mom of Roman Sacristan, thanks for information. "snicker".

Seriously, that is a great story. He is quite a guy and we are so proud to know him.