Monday, October 02, 2006

Roman Rite and Lectors

A good liturgical site which is certainly worth looking at is

John has an excellent summary of the new 2002 Roman Missal and even any changes between the 1975 and 2002 General Instruction on the Roman Missal.

I believe I found his site while investigating the instituted Lector and instituted Acolyte.
He has some information about the instituted Lector and how the ministry is often not put into practice.

This is a topic I have wanted to touch on since I believe it helps correct the often misunderstood "active participation." But I'll have to deal with that a bit more indepth later.
A very rough summary can be seen in my comments at one of Fr. Z's posts on the subject.

I'll add the Roman Rite site to the sidebar listing too.

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