Thursday, October 19, 2006

Welcome to the Blogosphere

Although I am a few days late, I just came across a new blog by a young priest. I've never been fond of Fr. Andrew Greeley (especially after reading the last chapter of his book "Come Blow Your Mind With Me"). Needless to say, after reading this priest's very first post which sort of summarizes who he is, it is good to see another ally in the spiritual combat who is also joining the ranks of the Catholic blogosphere.

So go check out this "Young Fogey"

(I have also added "Godspy" to the link list. Very good articles contained therein.)


dadwithnoisykids said...

I have to share a story. Years ago, when one of my children was in the hospital after a surgery, a volunteer came by with a cart full of donated books. I spied a shelf full of Andrew Greeley books. I said I wanted ALL of those books because I wanted collect them all. The volunteer let me have them. I threw them out after he left.

semperficatholic said...

Hey dadwithnoisykids, you mean you didn't burn them? The flames probably wouldn't have done them any harm seeing that they are "straight from the pit" to begin with.