Tuesday, October 17, 2006

(Mis)Information Age


Sometimes I feel like my mind will explode
Sometimes I feel like I got no control
Sometimes I wish I had a heart made of steel
Sometimes I wish I couldn't feel.
- "Information Overload" - Living Colour

Just saw an interesting little flash movie to make you think about media, it's development over the recent years with the growth of the internet, and what type of media we are given (either by media bias or by our own choice). It is a "history" of the development of media from 1989 to 2015.

Epic 2015 Museum of Media History (flash video)

Certainly makes you think about what type of media we get. With the advent of vast media outlets, what will happen to information? How will we be informed? When does filtering become censorship, and can we be our own worst enemy by filtering out what we don't want to hear, even if it is the truth? Will seeking truth be something for only a small elite minority where the masses only use it for frivolous entertainment purposes?

I guess this strikes me because I am currently reading "1984" by George Orwell. The way the "Ministry of Truth" controls all the media and even changes all history and media references of the past to conform to the current ideas and results of "the Party." It is interesting.

Do we seek the truth, or do we seek what we want to hear?
(Which is one reason why I can't stand talk radio, liberal or conservative)

Will the masses end up like the guy in the Rollins Band's song "Disconnect"?

Don't like to think too much
It makes me think too much
It keeps my mind on my mind
Don't want to see too much
It makes me see too much
Sometimes I'd rather be blind
Too damn bad if at the end of the day
The only thoughts in our brain are all the things that they say
What a waste
Too damn bad if at the end of the line
you have no idea what's on your own mind
You got no one to blame but yourself.

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