Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Weather

Just thought I would post on the weather as I sit here at home while the U.S. gets gut-punched.
People in Texas get into a frenzy about winter weather. I'm sure weather like this hits up north all the time. Here, you would think a minor Armageddon is coming. I went to the store last night around 10:30 p.m. and had to wait to checkout. There were several shelves that were pretty picked over too. Yet, every time we have "winter weather" in our neck of the woods it usually melts off the next day. Yesterday you could wear shorts because it was 67 degrees F out. Even if this cold snap is a bit longer, I can't imagine people being "snowed in" for more than a few days.
However, the media is what always gets me. You'd think that this ice storm is the reason the Doomsday clock is being moved forward again. I see weather news articles with descriptions like "slams" and "cripples" in the titles. It just reminds me how news is such a business rather than a service.
So, here is your simple public service announcement from the Roman Sacristan: "Watch for ice"



Anonymous said...

We were advised not to make the 45 mile trip to our parish because of the weather conditions. I kept waiting for conditions to appear so I could decide which parish I could safely make it to closer to home. I had to make myself get ready and go to a parish that is not even a mile from me. Now I remember why I travel the 90 mile round trip for Mass.

What a disgrace to call that a Mass. Five, no, three minutes into the "ordeal" we got up and left. There was no way I was going to expose my little one to that fiasco. The priest walked or rather trotted down the isle and never genuflected to Jesus in the Tabernacle which was off to the side because the priest's throne was behind the Altar. He never approached the altar at all. He flung himself around and announced as he paced back and forth like a mad man, that since no one was there to play music, he would teach us a song. HUH?

Then he had the gall to say, "But first, let me ask you a question. If you are invited to a "meal" at someone's home do you stay in the garage?" He tried to get a really loud response and then told all of the people who were in the back, like us, that we were in the garage. What a joke. Little did he know I park my weak end on the front pew every week at my parish and I had a reason to be sitting in the back, which will be evident here pretty soon.

He told everyone to "come on down". Well, that was a bit insulting to me and I thank God we were in the back because it was easier to leave that way. :0)

As we left the "building" my little one said, "That was crazy!" Out of the mouths of babes. I wonder if he broke into the Barney song after we left. I wasn't waiting to find out.

The first sign that there was going to be trouble is the altar "girl" as she went up to light the candles, swinging and twirling whatever it was she was going to use. She neve acknowledged the Lord at all. Then I saw her procession Cross which was a resifix. She never got to use it because the priest ran down the isle to announce his new song.

God have mercy!

Roman Sacristan said...

I completely understand.