Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Under Construction

I am also going to fiddle around with my template. I am upgrading it so it can supposedly be easier to edit. So if anything looks odd, be patient. Hopefully we can get this looking better.

EDIT - Well, that should work for now. The new "widget" method of editing is a bit simpler, but it seems to limit me since it just adds more confusion for me in looking at the HTML code, and I can't just cut and paste things from the old template. But it doesn't look too bad, so I'll tweak it more later.

EDIT2 - Got the sidebar pretty much under control, although they don't have a "most recent posts" feature anymore, so I guess you'll just have to [gasp] scroll down for older posts. :P At least I finally got Saint Francis up.

EDIT3 - For those contemplating converting your template, just realize that you will probably lose any custom edits you made to your old one. So you will have to make sure you add back your link list, site counters, and other custom things. It is not that hard, just tedious if you have a lot of extra stuff.



Jeffrey Smith said...

Just keep fiddling with it. Once you get used to it, the new system ends up saving a lot of headaches.

Truthseeker said...

Speaking of "headaches," give the little guy above a break. Just looking at him gives me a headache!

Love, Mom

Roman Sacristan said...

That's me whenever I am messing with the template. Not knowing HTML means that trying to tweak the "widgets" is frustrating.