Saturday, January 27, 2007

5 Random Things About Me

I just noticed I was tagged by dadwithnoisykids for the MEME "5 random things about you"

1) I balance my checkbook with a $300 (at the time it was bought 16 years ago) Hewlett-Packard calulator which uses RPN (Reverse Polish Notation)

2) My grandmother began to spoon-fed me coffee when I was about 2 years old, and I have been drinking coffee for the next 32 years. I am 6ft 3in tall (so I don't think it stunts your growth.

3) My name is on two published nuclear physics papers (before I switched to Theology, I was a physics major and did nuclear research data analysis for two summers).

4) I have never seen the movie "E.T. the The Extra-Terrestrial" (and I am proud of that too)

5) I have met Chuck Yeager.

I would like to tag, Fr. Z. of What Does the Prayer Really Say, Joee Bloggs, Fr. Stephanos of Me monk. Me meander., Matt at Absolutely No Spin, and Thomas the American Papist.



Raulito said...

Never seen E.T.? What are you? Some sort of commie? ;-)

semperficatholic said...

Major Adams was a student of Yeager's. Brent Adams, who is the son of Major Adams has been a long time family friend and best friend of my brother, who has also met Chuck Yeager through Brent. When Brent goes to any Air Force base and they find out who he is, the red carpet is rolled out for him.

Mike Adams, America’s 27th astronaut.