Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sacred Music Resource

I'm suprised I haven't put this on my sidebar or mentioned it, but there is an excellent sacred music and liturgical resource at Musica Sacra.

The have pdf files of some great resources:

Tridentine Roman Missal of 1961

Graduale Romanum of 1961

And many liturgical documents and other references. Lots to dig through, and it is always being updated with new things. You'll need a pdf reader, but that is easily available on the web.



Anonymous said...

Great to have these resources, but....

... ya need to let people know that (for example) the Tridentine Missal of 1961 is a 1,220 page PDF file! Disk space!

Roman Sacristan said...

Yes, some of the pdf files are big, but they can easily be put on a CD-ROM for future reference.

Chandler Branch said...

Thanks for your investment in creating this great blog! As far as it relates to sacred music, you might be interested to check out the website of Soli Deo Gloria at www.SDGmusic.org I've been involved with them for a number of years and they/we are doing some pretty interesting stuff with sacred music and the classical composers of today.

P.S. I read your profile and like your favorite movie choices - Lord of the Rings and Office Space are both winners!

Keep it up!