Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More on the Mount Everest Controversy

As the description of this blog says ...

"You never know what you'll find in a sacristy."

I have noticed recently that for some odd reason, my blog was listed about 5th on google for searches on "everest controversy," and have been getting several hits from people searching for that, and getting my previous post on the Everest Controversy.

So, I figured I would look into this more and found another article that seems to be pretty informative. There definitely is a lot of controversy surrounding the death of David Sharp and the actions of Russell Brice and his "Himex" crew.

For those seeking more information you can check this link out (be warned there is a bit of foul language in the article):

"Left to Die on Everest, No one came to David Sharp's aid on Everest. What happened?" by Nick Heil, et al.


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