Sunday, December 03, 2006

Caption Contest

Caption contests seem to be pretty popular on blogs, so I thought this one could use some suggestions.

"Your Holiness, these are the new ideas we have to modernize the liturgy."



dadwithnoisykids said...

"THERE is the guy who stole your glasses, Your Holiness!"

Catherine said...

Here comes your new mitre!

FJM Madden said...
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FJM Madden said...

Whatever you do, Holiness, do not look where I am pointing!

(By the way, I have a few caption competitions too; follow the link by clicking on my name!)

Anonymous said...

Isn't that Joan Chittester, OSB, flying on her broom?

Al said...

1. Man pointing: "If you look there Your Holiness, you will see that the Leslie Nelson look-alike contest isn't until next Thursday."

& Inspired by Airplane

2. Man pointing: "Your Holiness what kind of plane is Vatican Air Force I?"

Pope B XVI: "Oh, it's a big pretty white plane with red stripes, curtains in the windows and wheels and it just looks like a big Tylenol."

3. Man pointing: "You Holiness, if you look at this latest training video from those American Liturgists you will see that they now suggest using Ritz Crackers & a wine cooler. Surely there must be something you can do?"

Pope B XVI: "I'm doing everything I can... and don't call me Shirley. "

4. (After the Pope explains his solution) Man pointing: " Sending those liturgical moonbats to that crater on Mars? Surely you can't be serious?"

Pope B XVI: "I am serious... and stop calling me Shirley."

Anonymous said...

Mgr Georg is doing a high wire act in Agia Sophia.

Matt said...

Watch out Your Holiness! Its Joan Chittister!