Sunday, November 12, 2006

Feast of Saint Josaphat

Today is the feast of Saint Josaphat, a martyr for unity between the Church and the Eastern Orthodox.

Above is his tomb in Saint Peter's in Rome. Fittingly, it is one of the closest altars to Saint Peter's tomb.

I wish to commend Rod Dreher and any others who have left the Church for Eastern Orthodoxy to Saint Josaphat's prayers. It's also fitting that this feast is so near Pope Benedict's meeting with the patriarch in Turkey.

Sancte Josaphat, ora pro nobis.


Anonymous said...

A friend who is a Melkite priest resident in Rome was allocated that altar to offer a mass in the Byzantine rite in St Peter's.

Roman Sacristan said...

That's very cool.

This altar is in the "confessional area" of Saint Peter's and they usually only let people into that area who are going to confession. I asked the usher there if I could go in because I had a devotion to Saint Josaphat, and he thought I was Ukranian Catholic or something (probably because of my beard). LOL.

In Saint Peter's, I've only been to Masses at the papal altar and the altar of Saint Gregory the Great.