Saturday, November 11, 2006

White Wedding Christmas?

With a rebel yell, I cry "No, no, no!"

This is just weird. But since Christmas is already being done in the stores, I might as well follow suit. Sadly, it has more Christmas than what dadwithnoisykids or Diogenes have seen:

Yes, Billy Idol croons "White Christmas"


Anonymous said...

woah that's...somethin' else entirely!

my kids decided to unplug the ipod in the car today and turned on the radio (gasp) I didn't even realize it until I heard Billy Idol coming through the speakers.

I think all of Hunt county heard me holler TURN THAT OFF NOW LOL

S. Davenport

Anonymous said...

How terrible! Wonder what kind of "white" he is referring to... just like he used to know....cocaine?

Too bad that people have to use God to sell, sell, sell!

mommymiko said...


"Yes, son?"

"Umm...He looks bad, especially with all that fluff around him doesn't he mommy?"

So went our conversation this morning.