Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Catching up.

Sorry for not posting much.

First I wanted to say that I visited many Saints' relics or tombs and prayed for all my family and friends (which includes the readers of this blog). I also am having a Mass offered at the tomb of Saint Francis for all my family and friends.

I am not sure if this is a comprehensive list, but it's as many as I can think of that I visited and prayed at (or as near as possible):
Relics of the Passion (true Cross, nail of the Passion, part of the INRI sign above Christ's head)
Saint Peter
Saint Paul
Saint Francis of Assisi
Saint Clare of Assisi
San Rufino of Assisi
Saint Vittorino of Assisi
San Spes
(finger of) Saint Thomas the Apostle
Pope Saint Pius V
Saint Jerome
Pope Saint Gregory the Great
Pope Saint Leo the Great
Saint Prisca
Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Saint Francis Xavier
Saint Agnes
Saint Catherine of Siena
Blessed Innocent XI
Pope Saint Boniface IV
Pope Saint Leo IX
Pope Saint Pius X
Saint John Chrysostom
Saint Gregory of Nazianzen
Blessed John XXIII
Saint Josaphat
Pope Saint Clement I
San Giovanni da Triora
Saint John and Saint Paul (mentioned in the Roman Canon)
Saint Saturninus
Saint Paul of the Cross
the Martyrs of Scillium
Saint Alesseo (Alexis)
San Carlo da Sezze
Saint Alexander, martyr (I don't know which one, whoever is buried under the altar at Sant'Anselmo),
and I also prayed at the prison where Saint Joseph of Cupertino was held when they thought he was possessed.
I also probably was near many other Saints whom I might not have even known were in proximity of me at various places.

Unfortunately, blogging will probably be light for a while for two reasons:

1) I realized in Rome how much time I waste on the internet, so I am trying to avoid it more.

but more importantly:
2) Upon getting home, several real life situations have come crashing in upon me, so I will need to get those things straightened out first. So I ask for your prayers on those.


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