Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor day, guns, and ping-pong

Had an awesome time at The Engineer's house on Labor Day. Dadwithnoisykids and his family was there too. We fired pellet guns again, this time hunting terrorists from the most wanted list:

(Not bad considering they were 25 yards away)

We also had to fight off some communists too:
(I apologize for the graphic nature of these pictures, however, these were instant kills.)

Too bad I don't have a picture of our full "arsenal"

Now, I am more of a tennis guy myself, but that helped a lot because The Engineer and his boys had a ping-pong table. He is a pretty good player, and although he beat me, I felt I held my own given I haven't played ping-pong in quite awhile.

So, I think he would enjoy some of these:

Even if they're just goofing around, this is pretty impressive. Talk about the angles (yes, from extreme angles all the way around to 360 degrees ... just watch)

A top 10 ping pong rallies
(It's funny how in some they are hitting the ball as a regular tennis player would. They almost look like giants playing a regular sized court)
(The song in the video is
"The Kids Aren't Allright" by The Offspring, <--- (lyrics) if the lyrics are not appropriate for some viewers you can turn down the sound on the youtube video. No really bad words, but rather sobering topics. Still, the ping-pong rallies are definitely worth seeing)

And of course, the obligatory "Matrix Ping-Pong"


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