Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ciao da Roma!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I did make it to Rome. Began feeling much better Saturday evening. The flight to Rome was rather uncomfortable. Being 6 ft 3 in is not a bonus when flying coach internationally.

Rome is very hot. Well, not hot, but humid. The mornings and evenings are nice, but when the sun is out, it gets kind of sticky. I forget that even thought it is much hotter in Texas, it is a dryer heat and we have air conditioning EVERYWHERE. Summers in Texas are just spent moving from one air conditioned place to another. The hotel has air conditioning (Deo gratias!), but not much else does. San Pietro is hot!

Well, I dont want to stay too long. Italian keyboards are different so ignore any strange characters in the type of this post. Internet costs about 15 USD per hour here at the hotel, and I think (hope) the guy let me on for free just quickly.

Anyway, I am enjoying it, even if I am a sweaty mess by the end of the day. Thankfully I have easy access to frizzante (carbonated) bottled water, although I think I will be spending most of my money on it this trip.

Ciao for now!



semperficatholic said...

Glad you made it ok. It is hot there and got cool here and you are missing the nice fall-like weather. :p Have a nice time and stay healthy.

I have a message from the "Office Manager". He said to tell you to remember that while you are in Rome to do as the Romans do. lol

Truthseeker said...

Dear Son:

I am so glad to read that you are enjoying yourself and feeling better. The prayers are working! Say a prayer for Dad and me and all your other kin and friends. Our best to the good friends in Italia!

We love you, Mom

Ronny said...

Out of curiosity, is that little gelatto shop in that alley off of Piazza Navona still in business? It was the one with the Kansas Jayhawks pennant in it, if you remember. If it is, that might help make the heat a little more bearable!

Roman Sacristan said...

Haven't been there. I don't know if I can remember where it is exactly. I did find another place over in the piazza di resorgiomento (sp?) which is between Saint Peters and the Vatican Museums. I hear that Cardinal Ratzinger used to frequent the place, and that Pope Benedict XVI will occasionally send someone over to get some for him. LOL.

I have eaten at a restaurant that had an article that said Cardinal Ratzinger loved the Fettucini Carbonara and the Tiramisu there. I haven't had the Carbonara yet, but the Tiramisu was pretty darn good. It's also one of the less expensive restaurants for the area. I got out of there with a pretty good meal for only about 20 Euro (including tip) which is about 30 USD. With the weak dollar things are generally more expensive.

Ronny said...

I think that the shop I'm talking about is on the right side of a small street that joins the right-most corner of Piazza Navona if you are facing the church (Sant'Agnese). That was over ten years ago, though. Ah, waxing nostalgiac...

My wife is jealous of you.