Thursday, November 13, 2008

Benedictine All Saints

"The Glory of Saint Benedict" by Pietro Annigoni
at Monte Cassino

It's not my favorite picture of Saint Benedict, but it is good for today's feast, since it shows Saint Benedict in Heaven surrounded by Benedictine Saints.

Today is the Feast of All the Saints of the Benedictine Order. It's like All Saints but specifically for the Benedictine Order, thus all canonized and uncanonized Benedictines who are in Heaven are honored today. Traditionally, most of the older Orders have an All Saints and All Souls days for their Order. I know the Franciscans have their own, and I'm pretty sure the Cistercians do too.

I've never actually seen it listed in the new calendar, but it is still observed and was given a rank of a Class II feast in the old calendar (which usually translates into a Feast in the new calendar).

So, happy feast day to all my fellow Benedictines.


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