Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Results

Hmmm. I just wonder. Did the Democrats really win, or did the Republicans just really lose? I almost consider that there was a "liking" vacuum. I really wonder what the results would have been had those people who only voted against the Republicans because they hate Bush (even though he wasn't even running) hadn't voted. I often got the feeling that even some of the most vocal Obama supporters just needed someone to like and since Obama wasn't Bush, he was the guy.

I think the Republican party, and all conservatives, need to wake up and start being clearer about their views and more intelligent in their arguments. Well, I kind of take that back, not Republicans in general, but the Republicans who are actually running for office. They need to be more direct in addressing and forcing issues and more intelligent and direct in their explanation of the issues.

It's also disturbing to see that so many people voted in a racist or sexist way too. Not only people voting for Obama only because he's Black, but also people voting for McCain only because he chose a woman as a running mate. That's frustrating to me that people would not vote on issues but only on accidental appearances. Sad.

In my opinion this could be an odd blessing in disguise. I think this country has had some dangerous curiosity about socialism. I think even if McCain had been elected, it would have only delayed an inevitable Obama or Obama-like election. Maybe this will be the time where America will hopefully see that socialism is not good for the country, not good for the States, and not good for the individuals. I pray that the American people will see the bad fruit they have wrought, and realize that we need to stop this country from heading into a socialistic society based on our hedonistic desires. We weren't made to be slaves to our passions, and our society is already on that slippery slope. But, I'm not going to gloom and doom, I still think this country has the ability to open it's eyes and see just where our society is headed. I pray we can also have the fortitude as individuals to stop being selfish and to turn the country around.

Pleasure is the new opiate of the masses, and the Democrats promise and use that quite a bit. Sadly though, it does not lead to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but already to leading to death (abortion and euthanasia), slavery (to the passions in sex, homosexual activity, dependance on welfare and social programs, entertainment), and purusit of pleasures (at any cost, even life and liberty).

Well, life goes on, and so we must prepare to fight against anything that will hurt our country no matter which political "side" it comes from. I'd start with the Republican party getting it's act together over these next four years.


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Tom said...

As long as the liturgy remains in a state of collapse, the Church will find it impossible to influence the hearts and minds of the majority of Catholics.

That, in turn, will allow pro-abortion politicians to obtain the Catholic vote.

Look for Catholic voters to return to their traditional political party...the Democratic party.

In general, our bishops spoke in powerful fashion this year against abortion...and the majority of Catholics ignored their shepherds.