Wednesday, November 05, 2008

How people got here #110508

Usually people visit this blog because they are looking for pictures, translations, feast day information, information about a particular church in Rome, (and happily) indulgence information. But I enjoy looking through some of the searches that people do to end up on my sight. For example, it used to be that if you looked up "LHC end of the world" I would be the first result on google.

One of the most popular posts is due to people searching for the interpetation of forgiving someone 7x70 or 77 times.

I also get a lot of hits of people looking for a picture of the Body of Saint John Vianney.

I get a lot of hits about the Portiuncula Indulgence on August 2nd.

I also get quite a few hits regarding the monastic diurnal, which I highly recommend.

I actually get a lot of hits for my Michael Jackson autograph, but I would bet most people are looking for the pop singer's autograph and not the beer expert's.

I got one search of "'short road to chaos' 'thomas More'"which seems appropriate for this election time reminding me of a quote from Saint Thomas More.

Oddest search of late: "What does Jet Li chant"



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