Friday, August 29, 2008

What is it with the Italian church?

If you think the United States is the only place where weird things happen in the Church, you're wrong.

Having lived in Italy, I can tell you that there are just as many problems there too. Much of the recent art and archetecture are horrid. Just look at the new Basilica that was built for Saint Padre Pio at San Giovanni Rotondo. To paraphrase Saint Therese of Lisieux "there is nothing about [it] that pleases me."

Over the past month I have come across a few things that make me just roll my eyes and wonder "what in the heck were they thinking?!"

Italian Nuns set up inflatable church to save the souls of beach bums.

A priest was going to have an online beauty pageant for nuns (but thankfully he cancelled it).

Heavy metal monk.

It always reminds me of the story of when Napoleon invaded Italy. He told a Cardinal he was going to destroy the Church. The Cardinal just laughed at him and said, "if the popes and bishops and priests of the Church haven't done it yet, what makes you think you can?"

I pick on Italy, because I do love the country, and I have higher expectations for it.


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