Monday, November 12, 2007

A Real Da Vinci Code?

Interesting theory. I can't imagine Leonardo hid all this in a painting, but if he was that much of a genius, then you never know. (At least it is more plausible than Dan Brown's idiotic worn out cookie cutter plot * ) Discovery has an article about a theory by musician Giovanni Maria Pala who has just written a book about his findings.

A real da Vinci code is indeed hidden within Leonardo's "The Last Supper," according to a book to be published in Italy next week.

But rather than conspiracy theories, the new code points to a hidden musical score, a sacred text and a three-dimensional chalice.


The Apostles, represented in groups of three, gave him a hint that the piece should be played in 3/4-time, like much 15th-century music. But it was their hands, always in relation to the breads on the table, that provided the real score — to be read from right to left, in line with Leonardo’s writing.

"I marked the pieces of bread on the table and the Apostle’s hands as music notes. Then I drew a pentagram over the scene between the tablecloth and Jesus’ face. I couldn’t believe my ears when I played the music. It sounded really solemn, almost like a requiem," Pala said.

But there was much more. Pala noticed that the notes, in their position, produced strange symbols — similar to ancient cuneiform script — when united to each other by lines.

Examined by Father Luigi Orlando, a biblical scholar at the Antonianum Pontifical University in Rome, the cuneiform writing turned out to be a sentence written in ancient Hebrew: "bo nezer usbi," which means "with Him consecration and glory."

BTW when they mention drawing a "pentagram" between the tablecloth and Jesus' face they mean the 5 line staff for music.

You can read the whole article here:

Leonardo's 'Last Supper' Hides True Da Vinci Code

and see a quick video here, which may explain it better:

History: Da Vinci's 'Last Supper' Secrets Revealed
(be patient, the video was a bit slow to load and play)

*All his books are the same, the names of the conspiracy and characters are just different. Take a mysterious murder, an "expert" in their field (usually cryptology), hook them up with a (sexy) sidekick of the opposite sex (this will be the "good guys" team), have a conspiracy going on by some unknown or secretive organization (this will be the "bad guys"), said conspiracy will "change the world" in some way, have said good guys trek all over some locale, be it a city, a continent, or the globe, all the meanwhile tracking down a trail of mysterious, coded clues.


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