Thursday, November 08, 2007

How people find this site.

There seems to be a growing trend of posting what people are searching for when they find your site. So, I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon. This can be done rather easily with the "ego inflator" sitemeter info.

So let's see ...

- To the person searching by asking "Can one go to the Sunday Vigil and fulfill the obligation for the Immaculate Conception" the answer is "No". You cannot fulfill the obligations for two different days with one Mass, even if it does seem like a grey area. If you have two holy days of obligation in a row (eg if the Immaculate Conception fell on a Monday), you would have to attend a Mass for that Sunday, then you would also have to attend another Mass being celebrated for the Immaculate Conception.

-"blood of saint liquify during his feast": this is odd. Not because they are looking for information about Saint Januarius of Naples, but because I am not sure why my site came up in the search, since I have never mentioned him before on this blog. I believe that during the last feast day, his blood did liquify (apparently if his blood does not liquify on his feast, it is a sign bad things are going to happen. This happened with WWI and WWII and eruptions of Mt. Vesuvius, if I remember correctly).

-"University of Dallas Summorum Pontificum" although I've never blogged about these two topics together, I can say that from what I've been seeing about Stubenville's Summorum Pontificum controversy, UD's liturgies are usually much more "normal" (than some video clips I saw of Stubenville), and rumor is that there may be a TLM offered regularly at UD in the near future. If only UD could get a chaplain who doesn't change and "politically correct" the words of the Mass. Thankfully, there are many other good priests who help out there, and there are other easily accessable Masses within walking distance of the campus chapel.

-also, if you visit a "bad" site, before you come here, I can see that too. So please practice custody of the eyes and don't visit those places. I don't see the actual site, but I do see the url, and some of those url's are pretty obvious. And I also know which country you are in.

otherwise, not much interesting to note this round.

Last 100 visitors were from: U.S. and Canada, England, Eastern Europe, South Asia, South America, Panama, South Africa, and New Zealand.

And the "ego inflator" says we just passed 24,000 hits! (I only get an average of about 95 hits a day, which is pretty small time in the blog world, but still a little more than the majority of blogs out there.)


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Ma Beck said...

IF you type in the same search ("blood of saint liquify") you will see how they ended up at your blog.
It may not be the first page that comes up, but it's usually within the first couple of pages of hits.
I recently had someone search "patron saint of rodent infestation" and wind up at mine!