Thursday, November 15, 2007

Computer issues

My computer has been acting weird lately. Blue screening rather regularly. Of course, given that my computer is 7 years old, it might be time look into getting a new computer. I'd say I've certainly gotten my money's worth out of it. Not only have I surfed more than the entire Billabong surf team, I have saved the world several times from disaster, as well as a few planets, and maybe even the galaxy if I remember correctly (of course I was responsible for the "incident" at Black Mesa Research Facility, but that's been kept hush-hush) LOL. I've also fought with an addiction to the MMORPG KoL, which is now completely under control (I can stop any time I want).

Anyway, it's a good thing I'll be able to visit the folks, take some time off, and have a computer on which to do some occasional gaming blogging.

We'll see how this goes. Although I do think a new computer might be necessary once I assess ye olde financial situation.



celogomama said...

Rog just gave me an IMac. A 24" screen really helps with graphics editing and page layout. iwork is leaps and bounds ahead of any MS product I've ever worked with. Actually, everything is better than MS, and i never thought I'd say that. (R has been trying to convert me to Linux for, oh, for ever and a day)

Anyway, blessings on your quest for a new machine


Fr. Jay Toborowsky said...

I feel your pain! I'm still using Windows98 here and everything takes forever to load.