Saturday, November 17, 2007

How people get here: Round 111707

How some people end up at my blog:

by searching for:

-"purple vestments november"
Yes, remember, the color for Advent is violet (purple). Although in Advent you can use the bluer hues of violet, it still must be violet. Blue is not a liturgical color in the Roman Rite. Marian feasts are white. You may have some blue on a Marian vestment, but it should be obvious that the vestment is a white vestment. I mean, choosing blue vestments (and other hideous vestments) for the pope might be why Archbishop P. Marini got canned from being the Papal M.C. It might not be the reason, but it is interesting that right after P. Marini chose some hideous blue and yellow vestments for the pope, soon afterwards he was replaced by Msgr. G. Marini as Papal M.C.

-"ronald mc donald kill"
Not sure what this person was looking for. LOL.

-"Gloria in Excelsis Deo en power point"
One of the more interesting searches for prayers I've seen. Made me wonder, what happens when Windows meets Mass? Then I though, "it's obvious, that's how we get the blue vestments in Advent." It's the equivalent of a "blue screen of death" in windows: it's something that shouldn't happen and ruins whatever is currently going on.

-"breaking open the word for 32 sunday of ordinary time 2007"
Must be looking for something specific, since I've never really heard interpreting scripture being referred to as "breaking open the word."

-"the end of the world"
I can be negative sometimes, but I don't think I'm necessarily apocalyptic. (Actually my site popped up because of a story I had on the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland)

-"autobiography of Saint Benedict"
There's not an autobiography of Saint Benedict of Nursia. The closest thing would be his Rule for Monks (aka the Rule of Saint Benedict). The best information we have about his life is from Saint Gregory the Great in the Second Book of the Dialogues.

I'm not trying to make fun of what people search for, I am just entrigued not only at what terms people use in a search, but also by how search engines will end up listing my blog for something completely unrelated to my "theme." I also would like to try and answer or comment on some questions that might need to be addressed, eg that "purple vestments" question.



semperficatholic said...

Hello from the White Mountains! I finally had time to come in for a visit. Hope all is well down there and that the computer you have pictured is not yours. It looks like my stepdad's, lol.

We will have a special little surprise for you when we get back to Texas. :0)

ignorant redneck said...


"Breaking open the Word" is a protestant phrase, that entered into the catholic lexicon through people who read lots of protestant books on scripture, because they havn't been told that there are differences in hermanuetics between Christianity and various heretical bodies.

Raulito said...

Me, I just know you. See ya round...

Roman Sacristan said...

I don't know know why, but "breaking open the word" sounded like some cooking recipe. "... after you have mixed the baking powder, break open one word, and slowly pour into the mixture, next preheat the oven to ..."