Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gluttony: A meditation before Thanksgiving Dinner

Article ----> Gluttony by Christine Fletcher
(In case you get distracted by all the pictures)

even wearing a safety helmet, do not try this

No, I'm not trying to ruin your Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow. There's nothing wrong with preparing a nice meal and making sure all the particulars are well taken care of ... as long as you don't obsess (or excess) about it. As long as tomorrow is a day in which we do thank God for all He has given to us, don't become scrupulous over what you might read in the linked article at the end of the post.

Fox channel's annual "Glutton Bowl"
(shown on Thanksgiving Day)

Anyway, I found a really good post regarding guttony. The interesting thing is that in many places in today's world, we don't necessarily suffer from the "traditional" idea gluttony of just eating and eating without reason. We are becoming more conscious about how much we are eating. A more subtile form of gluttony is what is referred to as "gluttony of delicacy." Another way of saying it is that we are often way too picky about what we eat.

Record breaking hamburger (over 100 lbs).

This article by Christine Fletcher is an excellent analysis of gluttony and its different forms. I recommend a full reading of it. And I figured I'd post it today to give you a better chance of getting around to read it since tomorrow will probably be busy for those in the U.S. who celebrate Thanksgiving.

Article ----> Gluttony by Christine Fletcher
(Don't get all distracted by the pictures now!)

(Funny, after I read the article, suddenly when I'd got to other sites, food advertisements started showing up in the pages' advertising sections ... the first advertisement was for McDonalds. Guess my computer has been having too many "cookies.")

A 100x100 In & Out Burger (100 patties and 100 slices of cheese). Calorie count: over 19,490 Calories. Full story here: In-N-Out 100x100

I'm hungry, think I'll go get something to eat. :P

Article ----> Gluttony by Christine Fletcher
(In case you got distracted by all the pictures)


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