Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More Plane Safety

It's an airplane extravaganza!
I've already shown some safety testing from Boeing at this post:

Is it the plane or the pilot?

I found some more interesting plane safety videos of engineers testing the limits of new engines and planes. Makes me feel a bit safer about flying.

Jet engines are pretty powerful ... but just how powerful?
[Huh, huh, hippie car, huh, huh]

So, with that in mind, can your brakes handle slamming them on at 210 mph with a full load and full throttle then continue to work for 5 minutes without catching on fire?

So what if a blade in the engine suddenly comes loose?

The high speed cameras used in this similar test are amazing.

What if a bird strikes the engine?

How do you like your poultry sliced? How about a flock of birds?

Finally, this is just neat. One of the most famous plane watching beaches in the world, Maho Beach at Saint Maartin. Ever play chicken with a Boeing 747?

Here's a cockpit view.


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