Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bishop Kevin Farrell installed as bishop of Dallas

Well, I told you I would tell you if I heard any news about how orthodox Bishop Kevin Farrell was. As of yet, I have still heard nothing about him.

All I can say is that he is now officially installed as the Bishop of Dallas now.

I'm waiting on first-hand reports from those who attended the installation Mass.

I just pray he is an orthodox bishop who will stand up for and teach the doctrine of the Catholic Church. (Some "house cleaning" wouldn't hurt either).



Anonymous said...

You can watch his installation and listen to his awesome homily at wfaa.com

In brief he said we don't need "new programs" and that there will be a new Pastoral Plan which will be available to the public.

Roman Sacristan said...

Forgive my skepticism, but "new Pastoral Plan" sounds synonymous with "new program."

Unfortunately my firewall blocks the wfaa.com stream. So, I'll give his excellency the benefit of the doubt.

Of course at this point, anything would be better than the way things have been done in Dallas the last decade.

I am hopeful, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't appear that much will change regarding the TLM in Dallas.

I spoke today with a diocesan "official" who told me that Bishop Ferrell inists that any Dallas priest who wishes to celebrate the TLM must be versed throughly in the Latin language.

I was informed that "nobody" among Dallas priests is able to speak Latin;

the shortage of priests in Dallas is so pronounced that the diocese can ill afford to allow a priest time to study Latin;

that the diocese will ordain just one priest this year (or next);

that a Dallas priest's time and responsibilities are too important to spend on the study of Latin and learing the TLM;

perhaps in decades the TLM may be celebrated in a few Dallas parishes.

Roman Sacristan said...

1) A priest does not have to be completely fluent in Latin to say the Mass. Fr. Z. has gone over this numerous times on his blog. A priest can understand enough Latin to say Mass without being able to "speak" the language.

2) Canon Law says that all seminarians are to be trained in Latin. I highly doubt that priests are THAT busy not to get in some study. Plus many who want to say the TLM have already had some basic Latin, so brushing up shouldn't be that hard for them.

3) Flatly, outright not allowing the TLM is not going to help vocations. That "closemindedness" will cause potential seminarians to look elsewhere.

4)"that a Dallas priest's time and responsibilities are too important to spend on the study of Latin and learing the TLM;"
or to translate that, "that a Dallas priest's time and responsibilities are too important to spend on the responsibility of knowing enough of the official language of the Latin Church and a form of the Mass allowed by the Church ... for over 600 years."

5) This "official" [I noticed you put it in quotes] does not sound very knowledgable about the motu proprio or liturgy.

If that really is Bishop Ferrell's attitude, I am sure that the clarifications expected from Ecclesia Dei will "change his mind." Although I won't believe that Bishop Ferrell says that until I have a better source than an "official." It will be interesting since he is on the Bishops Committee on Divine Worship (formerly known as the Bishops Committee on Liturgy).