Thursday, September 28, 2006

Joee Blogs On BBC Radio

You may remember my post asking you to encourage "Joee Blogs" to use the possible opportunity to be on BBC Radio regarding his blog post with photos from a Muslim protest outside of Westminster Cathedral. Well, our friend did actually make it onto BBC radio.

You can visit his post to get the link to his interview.

It appeared to go well. It didn't get that deep, since the show is more about the internet and blogosphere in general, but his message was "spot on."

So, go check it out. Overall, the rest of his blog is worth looking at too.
(when you go to the BBC Radio link on his blog, it will probably start out with an American Football report in American English, don't worry, just go foward a few minutes and you'll get to the show, I believe he is the second interview).

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