Friday, September 22, 2006

I know you are but what am I?

"I know you are but what am I?"
That old schoolyard line just about seems to sum up one of the latest articles over at Al-Jazeera Magazine's website.

We're not being intolerant, you are!

From the article:
So next time you Catholics drop money into that collection plate, you should wonder where your money is going. It seems it is filling the same coffers and feeding the same ideologies of an intransigent Bush administration. If this is the case, maybe people should be asking the Pope for tolerance, rather than the Muslim world.
and from the comments:

Muslims ask the West to show tolerance, while being unbelievably intolerant themselves of other religions. The only reason the Muslim world hates Israel so much is because Israelis are not Muslim. How about Muslims leading by example, and showing tolerance towards Israel, not to mention the US and the West in general. And it goes without saying that tolerance means NO TERRORISM.-Andrew From UK

Andrew from UK you are too prejudice, you speak thru your emotion, check your history book, who is the first terrorist in the world, bene is more like an emperor than a pope, have you heard john paul giving this kind of remark..if somebody said your mother is a , would you get angry? because you owe your mother a lot right thats why u wud be angry rite. that goes the same to the muslim, prophet Mohammed pbuh had sacrified his life to educate the humanbeing, it is inhumne to condamn a man who had brought knowledge to the world and to accused him of something that is against his affort. the bottom line is bene shoulg be a politician rather than a religious leader.-Stephan from Germany

(There aren't a lot of quotes from the Middle East, I'm guessing it's because those in the Middle East would be looking at the Arabic website of Al-Jazeera.)

Read the Al-Jazeera article here.

And in a note related to the latter commetn above, Carl Olson has an interesting post regarding the tunnel vision of the protesters. John Paul II really went much further in his criticism of Islam than Pope Benedict did.

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