Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Glimpse of the Heavenly Liturgy?

Shawn over at the New Liturgical Movement has posted a link to some pictures from the recent ordinations at the Traditional Abbey of Le Barroux.

Here are a few I picked shown below. It is definitely worth going to Shawn's link and seeing all 39 pictures.

Prostration of the ordinandi during the Litany of the Saints

Chanting of the Gospel

Elevation of the Host


New Sub-Deacons and New Deacons with Bishop and Abbot

I was blessed to make a retreat at this monastery back in 2002. This is a Traditional Monastery in France (they follow the Tridentine Rite) but they are in full communion with Rome. The liturgies at this monastery are absolutely beautiful and their monastic observance is very inspiring. They are a true monastic family.

They take the Rule seriously when Saint Benedict says: "Ergo nihil operi Dei praeponatur" (Indeed, nothing is to be preferred to the Work of God [the Divine Office and Mass])
Their liturgies are like a glimpse of the Heavenly Liturgy.

Maybe one day they will make a foundation here in the States. Oremus.

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