Monday, July 21, 2008

Saint Lawrence of Brindisi

I am actually a bit surprised at how difficult it is to find pictures of Saint Lawrence of Brindisi on the web. Aside from a few small thumbnails, I really found nothing. I tried Lawrence, Laurentius, Lorenzo, Russo (his last name), anything with Brindisi, and just found hardly anything.

My best lead was a picture I found in a book which is apparently an authentic portrait of Saint Lawrence by Pietro Labruzzi (assuming my internet translator translated the German correctly). Unfortunately, the best I could find was a cropped black and white version of the painting. I think it is somewhere in Tuscany.

color version

Anyway, you can read about his life at Catholic Encyclopedia

St Lorenzo da Brindisi

A quick anecdote from his entry in the book "The 33 Doctors of the Church." (Don't you wish some priests would follow Saint Lawrence's example?)

When preaching, he [Saint Lawrence] had a [religious] Brother sit behind the pulpit to watch the time and warn him with a pin when he was going too long. Sometimes the Brother had to draw blood to catch his attention.



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