Thursday, July 31, 2008

Designing a stop sign.

What would it be like if the US bishop's had to design a stop sign back in the late 1970's:

The US bishop's sign would first be released as an orange-yellow nonagone with the words "gently touch pedal" (this way it's inclusive of all pedals and doesn't focus on just the break pedal) which would still result in people running into each other. We'd have these signs for about 40 years.

Eventually, people would either just get off the road, or they would just come flying through the intersections with the claim they are just following the sign.

Then the design committee would come back with the word "stop", but it would be rejected with the excuse that nobody uses that word anymore so they wouldn't know what the word meant. Even though Rome had approved the red and octagonal parts of the new sign.

However, with word "stop" having been leaked, many people complain that: 1) it's not what they are used to. 2) the word "stop" is too archaic (nobody will know what it means). 3) the sign supposedly focuses only on one pedal. 4) the word "stop" is too demanding.



Michael said...

Argh!!! So true and I see this so often at liberal Catholic Churches. I would add, the "Gently Touch Pedal" sign is only directed to you if you believe it is. If you feel like ignoring it, then there is no harm and you are free of any crime. Again, ARGH!!!!

Roman Sacristan said...

LOL, good point.