Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bishops' rejection of translations helps Latin more.

Don Quixote

As at least a third of the US bishops keep behaving like Don Quixote in their delusions of helping the Church through bad ideas, I got to thinking about the positive side of all this.

By delaying the translations again, I see several things happening. The biggest is that more and more people will gain interest in Latin. I know one reason many look to the Latin is because they are so tired of the embarrassing translations we are currently stuck with. Delaying approval for the translations will just lead that many more who are seeking the truth and are just growing up to turn to the Latin for more authenticity.

I think if we had had good translations back in the '60's, most people would have been satisfied with what they had and Latin would have probably been much less practiced as it is now.

Another thing is that most likely most of the bishops who rejected these translations are aging. Meaning, everyday they are a day closer to retiring ... and being replaced with better bishops under our current pope.

I think maybe, since the dragging out of the new translations is getting so ridiculous, I'm wondering if they are about to step over the line to where Rome will take some action. We're coming close to half a century of bad translations. There's enough of us on the web who have shown how poor these translations are.

But even with better translations, remember:


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Joe of St. Thérèse said...

And Liturgical Abuses gets kittens punched, lol.It's just a bad time for these poor kittens, lol.